Silent HTPC Hardware Guide

Nobody likes that buzzing computer noise. This article will show which today’s hardware is appropriate for a completely silent HTPC and why. PC Noise and Noisemakers The main noisemakers inside a typical PC are its moving mechanical parts: active cooling systems, and electro-mechanical storage devices like HDD, ODD, FDD, etc. Moving components produce sound because … Read moreSilent HTPC Hardware Guide

10-bit Color with Nvidia Geforce

On Windows Nvidia’s Geforce cards support 10-bit color for programs that use full-screen DirectX output (source: Starting from 1000 series (Pascal architecture), Geforce cards are said to support 10 bits for exclusive full-screen OpenGL output too (source: In other words, on Windows 10-bit color output with Nvidia card will work only with DirectX … Read more10-bit Color with Nvidia Geforce

DSD Playback with MPD and iFi Nano iDSD DAC

There is a relatively easy way to play DSD music on Linux. What is required: iFi Nano iDSD USB DAC, MPD sound server, Sonoreā€˜s SACD-Extract tool, recent Linux kernel (>=3.18) and ALSA lib (>=1.0.29) iFi Nano iDSD USB DAC This inexpensive battery-powered small DAC and a kind of headphone amplifier works as an external USB … Read moreDSD Playback with MPD and iFi Nano iDSD DAC